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Puppy Kindergarten (under 1 year) City Living Dog Services’ Training Program is intended to start both owner and puppy off on the right track - and stay on it.  A solid foundation of trust and respect between you and your puppy will be built and taught. We harness their natural senses, and use positive reinforcement and structure based methods to complete this.  This training program sets both owner and puppy up to succeed.  Our Puppy Kindergarten class is a prerequisite to other intermediate and advanced courses.


Graduate Puppy (under 1 year of age)  As puppies mature and become more familiar with their family and where they belong in the Pecking order, they enter into a developmental period that may include some challenging behavior. It’s like a human child having terrible two’s! This course is designed to build on the training and behavioral skills you learned in Puppy Kindergarten.  We will be implementing City Living Dog Services’ motto of “Confidence.  Patience. Consistency.”  While establishing trust and respect between you and your puppy, in addition to defining your leadership abilities.

Prerequisite: Puppy Kindergarten


Beginner (over 1 year of age) This course is designed to help create a loving and trusting relationship between dogs and their families.  Techniques will be used that compliment canine language and nature, while changing two important aspects of human and dog relationships; expectations and associations.  This makes it easier for your dog to understand what you are trying to convey. We will address the most common behavioral issues as we establish a common language for training and control. You will learn how to effectively communicate with your dog and gain a better understanding of canine behavior. In Beginner Obedience, we provide the necessary tools to establish a secure and successful relationship. This is the first level class for dogs over one year, and is a prerequisite to other intermediate and advanced courses.


Intermediate If you already have a good working relationship of trust and respect with your dog and are ready for more challenges, this class is for you. Through various exercises that mirror every day encounters and real life situations, such as walking your dog around in a pet store, getting in and out of the car.  Your dog will be encouraged to rely more on your guidance while practicing confidence and control. With this higher level of distraction, we address the practical aspects of owning a dog that is well mannered at home and in public.

Prerequisite: Graduate Puppy or Beginner.



Advanced Advanced Obedience is for students who want to continue working with their dogs in a structured, calm environment.  We will sharpen you and your dog’s existing skills and learn new ones that address real-world issues (dogs barking atdoorbell/knock on door).  We will also develop off-leash skills that can be applied to running your dog in a field or in the woods with control. If you enjoy working with and training your dog and wish to continue building the bond of trust and respect you have created, then Advanced Obedience is for you.

Prerequisite: Intermediate


Continuing Education If you have taken our Advanced class and want to continue working with your dog in a class setting, you may be interested in this series.  You will build upon skills learned in prior classes, including high levels of distraction, attention and off-leash work. In addition, you will sample, learn and conquer the basics of Temperament Test, Canine Good Citizen (and Agility is coming soon!).

Prerequisite: Advanced


Puppy Play groups will be offered if there is enough interest for them.  Unlike taking your puppy to a dog park where there is the great possibility of your puppy being bullied or even hurt, this is a controlled play group under the supervision of a dog trainer who will make sure everyone plays nice, as well as explain what your puppy is going though and thinking.  The puppies will be very close in age and is a great opportunity to work on your training skills and stuff we have worked on in class.

















How to register:  Students can either call or email Coach Mike (617) 947-8988 directly.  Coach Mike will call back customers to confirm class registration and schedule.


Once registered: Proof of vaccination and payment in full due before first class begins.


Refund policy: Full refund if cancel request received before second class.  If customer has scheduling conflict or otherwise can not make classes for a valid reason, they may attend another class as make up.  Must confirm availability and schedule with Coach Mike. No exceptions.








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